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Cabernet Sauvignon (Owner's Reserve)
An elegant wine with layers of black cherry and plum fruit. Leading to a good balance of oak and tannins, with a silky finish of chocolate and spice.

Cabernet Sauvignon
A delicious Cabernet opening with ripe cherry fruit in the nose and on the palate leading to a good balance of oak and soft tannins. Finishing with good acidity and chocolate. This wine will age very well for the next several years.

Pinot Noir
A rich ruby varietal with lively aromas of ripe cherries and currants that give way to the lush tannins so sought after in this classic. A prime example of one of the most coveted wines in the world. International Gold Medal.

Cabernet Franc
Cherries, berries and currants on the nose and mouth make a bold opening statement, while mellow hints of oak and black pepper linger on for a pleasantly spicey finish. Good tannins to ensure aging for several years.

A deep rich color in the glass, encompassed by a delightful, full fragrance of ripe black cherries. This gem finishes with smooth, softer tannins, chocolate and oak overtones. Full bodied, easy drinking wine.

Cuvee Rouge
An extremely smooth blend of Vinifera and French- American hybrid grapes produce this bright and lively bold red with a velvet texture that will complement any food pairing. Delightful on its own.

Roaring Red
A blend of 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Pinot Noir and 30% Baco. A deep purple hue reveals a layered middle of cherries, plum and spice. Soft tannins finish with a lingering bit of sweetness. Rich in texture and smooth in body.

Chardonnay (Barrel Fermented)
Savory oak aroma with vanilla and cinnamon undertones. Barrel fermentation lends to the generous and silky mouth feel. Wonderful lemony crisp, satisfying, well-balanced finish.

Chardonnay (Proprietor's Reserve)
Select Chardonnay grapes harvested at full ripeness, fermented and aged ten months in new French oak. Overtones of ripe pear and apple. Subtle butterscotch. Perfect marriage of soft oak and fruit. Only 300 cases produced!

Dry Riesling
An appealing peach nose and flavor, perfectly structured to enhance any meal. Dry, with elegant melon fruit and notable citrus character. A slight, surprising spritz is our unique Riesling style.

A flowery nose with subtle apple aroma. Smooth and crisp with ample fruit and a lush texture. Complexities of oak and grass mingle on the palate to produce this unique new kind of Chardonnay.

Pinot Noir Blanc
Pinot Noir grapes produce this blushing pink wine with a ripe strawberry and cranberry nose. Ample bodied with appealing fruit flavors. A giant step above White Zinfandel! ! !

Northern White
A floral bouquet on the nose with a gentle fruit aroma. Opens with melon, a touch of pineapple and white peach flavors, followed by hints of creamy vanilla. A balanced wine with lush texture and crisp acidicy.

Emperor's Blush
Crafted from a refined blend of venifera and hybrid grapes, this blush melds notes of ripe strawberries with the mouthwatering flavors of fresh-cut watermelon. New York's favorite Rose!!!

 Riesling Semidry
A refreshing peach nose and honeysuckle with delicate citrus fruit flavors that dance in the mouth. The lingering spicy pear finish and lively texture reveals an abundance of Riesling character. The reason fish were created.

Meadow Mist
Native American and French-American hybrid grapes artfully blended for the perfect soft, fruity rose wine. Easy to drink with generous fruit flavors. Like a May afternoon.

Niagara Mist
Remarkable sweet aroma with pleasant grape taste. Rich and golden hued with a creamy body and long, smooth satisfying finish. Savor a cluster of New York's favorite grape in every glass.

Late Harvest Riesling
Showing typical botrytis characters of candied apricot, peach, pineapple and floral Riesling fruit. The palate is lusciously sweet, with a balancing crisp acidity and wonderful length of flavor. This wine is the perfect accompaniment to fresh fruit tarts or strong flavored cheeses. Beyond ambrosia!

Marquis White
Same as Seyval-Chardonnay only in a 375 ml bottle.

Marquis Red
Same as Cuvee Rouge only in a 375 ml bottle.

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